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Lopeer is a peer to peer crypto exchange & DeFi app that enables you to buy & sell cryptocurrencies, make cross border payments, save in crypto and much more! With our Unique geolocation feature, trading cryptocurrencies has never been easier, faster and safer!

We make it possible for people to receive payments in Cryptocurrencies and convert them to their local currency.

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Why Use Lopeer?

Cross border

Enjoy free cross border payments with Lopeer


Enjoy free peer to peer transfer in
the Lopeer App


Multi-level security features to protect
your assets.



Find a peer close to you for a quick and safe transaction.


24/7 Community support on Telegram &
In-App support


Our Affiliate Program will reward you with free Bitcoins when you refer your friends to Lopeer

Accept Bitcoin Payments for goods and services

Get paid with


Your customer agrees to pay you with cryptocurrencies via Lopeer


Provide your Lopeer username and get credited with Crypto

Cash Out

Keep your Crypto in your wallet or exchange to local currency via P2P

Support for Major Cryptocurrencies

We support major cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, Waves, and many more on the way.

Get started with Lopeer

Join the thousands of people already trading cryptocurrencies on Lopeer.

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