Lopeer is a Blockchain Fintech Platform that enables you to perform peer-to-peer trading, and cross-border payments and access decentralised finance opportunities.

Lopeer is a vehicle for mainstream crypto adoption by opening up DeFi capabilities such as crypto PoS, P2P Crypto exchange, cross-border payment, remittance and other financial services. We are building the first geolocation-enabled P2P exchange in the world that will bring financial inclusion to emerging markets.  

Lopeer makes it possible for people to receive payments in cryptocurrencies and convert them to their local currency. 

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Our mission is to to bring Financial Inclusion and Prosperity to Emerging Markets.

Our mission at Lopeer is to connect emerging markets to the global financial system and lower the barriers to financial access through blockchain and cryptocurrencies; we aim to empower people to participate in decentralised finance so that they can be a beneficiary of the benefits and prosperity that DeFi brings. 

We make it easy to provide trustless financial services to our users by opening up new markets such as cross-border payments, savings, crowd loans, remittances etc. we believe these financial services will create prosperity for All. 

Why Lopeer?

Lopeer started out of the need and desire to bring financial access and prosperity to emerging markets, especially with the high participation of people in emerging markets in Crypto trading. The condition and the demand of Africans and emerging markets for a safe and efficient decentralised finance platform that will make it easy to trade crypto without banks and government restrictions encouraged us to venture on this path.

Our Unique Geolocation P2P exchange feature will be a vehicle for mainstream crypto adoption by opening up new opportunities such as crypto POS, which allows you to accept money from people in close proximity and without borders; you can use Lopeer’s geolocation feature to make it easy to trade & pay in cryptocurrency at home, school or in your own business. 

Lopeer is also offering Financial services to people in emerging markets powered by Blockchain technology, these services include but are not limited to: savings, crypto assets staking, cross-border payments and crypto P2P exchange. Our crypto stakings and savings with interest will enable people in emerging markets to save and earn while also beating unstable inflation rates that plague most emerging market economies. Our mission is to create a more prosperous world for everyone. 

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