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fund card
How To Add Funds To Your Lopeer Dollar (USD) Cards
Do you want to fund your virtual dollar card? If yes, you are at the right place. Lopeer is a leading provider of virtual dollar cards in Nigeria and across Africa. We allow you to create USD Mastercard...
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How to Pay on Aliexpress with Virtual Dollar Card
Making payments on Aliexpress with your Virtual Dollar Card is straightforward but we have seen a few users complain about the cards being declined because Aliexpress requires them to submit an appeal. This...
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card linked to paypal
How to Add your Virtual USD Card to PayPal
PayPal is one of the most popular payment gateways across the web and fortunately, Nigerians and most Africans are allowed to create a PayPal account and make payments with their accounts. The Lopeer virtual...
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Lopeer Your new dollar card awaits
How to Get a Virtual Dollar Card in Nigeria
Are you wondering about How to Get a Virtual Dollar Card in Nigeria? If yes, you are in the right place. In today’s digital world, online payments are an essential part of our daily lives; we all need...
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List of Supported Platforms for Lopeer Virtual Dollar Card
In recent times, Many people in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa have been facing difficulties with online payments due to the various restrictions placed on local bank cards and that is why we are offering...
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cryptocurrency exchange
How to Choose the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange
Like our usual banks, crypto exchanges offer similar services, such as monetary transactions and the keeping of money and other valuable items. However, they are novel, and due to this fact, they can be...
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7 ways to make money with crypto
7 Ways To Make Money With Cryptocurrencies
It is possible to make money with cryptocurrencies; in fact, many people have made good money from Cryptocurrency, and if you are looking for how to earn from crypto, then you are in the right place. For...
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What is NFT? The Complete Guide to Non-Fungible Tokens
Picture yourself purchasing or creating a piece of art and getting a token that gives you sole authority over that piece anywhere on the internet. Well, that’s what NFTs offer. You might have been...
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deposit naira to lopeer 1
How to Deposit Naira (NGN) in your Lopeer Wallet with Bank Transfer
Funding your Lopeer wallet just got easier with our newly launched “Direct Bank Deposit” feature. All Lopeerians can now add Naira to their wallet with bank transfers using our peer-to-peer...
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Lopeer fiat deposit Banner
Lopeer Adds Nigerian Naira (NGN) Fiat Gateway
Lopeer’s NGN peer-to-peer Fiat gateway will enable users to deposit Nigerian Naira and convert Naira to cryptocurrencies such as USDT which they can save or use to make payments. Lopeer, an all-in-one...
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