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Frequently Asked Questions

Lopeer is a virtual dollar card provider in Nigeria, we have USD-denominated virtual cards that enables you to make online payments without any restrictions. You can create a virtual dollar card on the Lopeer app and start paying on your favorite stores and websites..

You can get a virtual USD Visa card and Mastercard on Lopeer.

Yes. Lopeer virtual cards are created for both local and international transactions.

You can use your USD virtual card to pay at any online store or platform such as Amazon, Spotify, Google, Aliexpress, and more. If they accept card payments, your Lopeer card will work. 

You can fund your card with Local currency such as Naira. You top up in your local currency and load it onto the card.


We use the current market exchange rate as the card funding rate. The rate will be shown to you before loading your card. 

Lopeer Virtual Dollar Card works for all your Online payments in Nigeria. Lopeer USD cards is the best card for Nigerians who wants to make international payments. 

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