Account Deletion Request

At Lopeer, we respect your privacy and your right to control your personal data. If you wish to delete your Lopeer account, this page provides the necessary information and steps to do so.

Requesting Account Deletion

To request the deletion of your Lopeer account, please follow these steps:

Send an email requesting your account to be deleted to “”. Please ensure that the deletion request mail is sent from the same email address registered on your Lopeer account. 


  1. Log In: Ensure you are logged into the Lopeer app using the account you wish to delete.

  2. Navigate to Your Profile: Go to your profile section within the app. This can typically be accessed by clicking on your user avatar or username.

  3. Account Settings: Find and click on the ‘Account Settings’ or ‘Privacy & Security’ option. This is where you can manage your account preferences.

  4. Request Deletion: Within the account settings, you will find an option to request account deletion. Click on this option.

  5. Confirm Deletion: Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm your decision. Please note that account deletion is irreversible.

Data Retention

We want to be transparent about the data that is deleted and the retention period for certain information:

  • Personal Information: Upon account deletion, all personal information such as your name, email, and phone number will be permanently deleted from our systems.

  • Usage Data: We will retain anonymized usage data for statistical and operational purposes, but it will no longer be associated with your account.

  • Payment Information: We will retain payment transaction records as required by law, but they will be dissociated from your personal information.

  • Additional Retention Period: Payment transaction records and anonymized usage data may be retained  of 6 months as required by applicable laws and regulations.

If you have any questions or concerns about your data or account deletion, please contact our Customer Support Team at for assistance.

Note: It may take up to 90 days to complete the account deletion process.

By requesting account deletion, you understand and agree to the data retention policies outlined above.

Thank you for using Lopeer. We appreciate your trust and are committed to protecting your privacy.