Lopeer Adds Nigerian Naira (NGN) Fiat Gateway

Lopeer’s NGN peer-to-peer Fiat gateway will enable users to deposit Nigerian Naira and convert Naira to cryptocurrencies such as USDT which they can save or use to make payments.

Lopeer, an all-in-one crypto platform that enables you to spend, save, and invest in crypto, today announces the integration of a Fiat gateway for the Nigerian Naira (NGN). This will enable users to save, deposit and buy crypto with Naira. 

Lopeer is a Blockchain Fintech Platform that enables you to spend, save, and invest in crypto & other financial assets. Lopeer is a vehicle for mainstream crypto adoption by opening up DeFi capabilities such as crypto PoS, P2P Crypto exchange, cross-border payment, remittance, crypto savings, and on-ramp/off-ramp solutions in Africa & emerging markets. Lopeer’s Crypto Point-of-Sale System is a revolutionary way to buy and sell crypto offline without the need for an exchange. 

As part of Lopeer’s mission to be a vehicle for mainstream crypto adoption in Africa, users are now able to deposit Nigerian Naira (NGN) to their Lopeer wallet. The newly launched feature will be very useful to those who will like to save in USD as they can now deposit NGN on Lopeer and convert it to USDT with a few clicks on their phone. 

The new Naira deposit feature is based on a peer-to-peer Fiat gateway that enables accredited merchants to facilitate Fiat deposits on Lopeer. A user can simply log in to their Lopeer mobile app, go to their wallet and select NGN from the list of assets available. From the NGN page, users can click on the “Deposit” option and they can follow the prompts to find an available merchant that will facilitate their Naira deposits. 

Eze Sunday, Co-founder and CTO of Lopeer, said: “we are pleased to launch this new feature that will enable our users in Nigeria to deposit Nigerian Naira (NGN) into their Lopeer wallet, especially at this time when people are looking for a way to save in USD and protect themselves against currency devaluations. You can now deposit NGN and instantly convert it into USD for safe keep on Lopeer.” 

“Our mission is to bring financial inclusion and prosperity to Africa and emerging markets by building solutions that will give access to decentralized finance and we are glad to be fulfilling a part of that mission today”; Eze further stated. 

The Lopeer Nigerian Naira (NGN) deposit service comes with Zero fees which is a great improvement compared to other platforms available in the market. 

The Lopeer app is available free of charge for Android devices on Google Playstore

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