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Hello, welcome to Lopeer! 

Lopeer is a Crypto-focused payment solution provider.
We offer a peer-to-peer trading platform that enables individuals to buy & sell Cryptocurrencies to People around them and many more Crypto enabled services. Lopeer makes it possible for people to receive payments in Cryptocurrencies and then convert them to their local currency. 

Our goal is to connect people to the global financial system through blockchain and cryptocurrencies, we want to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment for people in Africa and around the world. 

The concept of Crypto has been too virtual, fictitious and imaginary to the wider population, many people think cryptocurrencies are just “internet money” with no real-life application or use cases and we are on a mission to change that! 

With Lopeer, we hope to build a crypto-enabled payment solution for everyday people such that you will be able to perform your everyday financial transactions with cryptocurrencies via the Lopeer products and services. 

It is a great pleasure to have you onboard Lopeer and we look forward to making your Crypto transactions fast & efficient. 

Send and Receive Money Globally and use Virtual Cards for Online Purchases! Download the Lopeer app for Android and Join our Telegram Community for news, giveaways, and more!  

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